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Dry Eye Treatment Near You

Dry Eye Old Woman | Eye Doctor in Burlington (Mapleview)

A variety of health factors and lifestyle habits can lead to dry, sore and red eyes.

Our eye doctors in Burlington (Mapleview) specialize in dry eye diagnosis and treatment! There is no cure for dry eyes, yet our eye care experts can offer treatments to help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Call Dr. Fallon Patel and Associates for an eye exam.

Orthokeratology in Burlington (Mapleview)

During sleep, ortho-k lenses mold and reshape the cornea to correct refractive error that is responsible for nearsightedness.

Orthokeratology allows adults and children to see clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day. To see if Ortho-k will work for you, book an eye exam with our optometrists in Burlington (Mapleview), Ontario

Ortho-K for kids in Burlington (Mapleview), Ontario