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Signs Your Child’s Ready for Contact Lenses

When can a child consider wearing contact lenses?What are signs of a child who is ready to start contact lenses?For children, a fantastic option that has been shown that children as young as 8 years old can be successful in is contacts.In fact, children are just as easy to instruct on lens insertion and handling as adults!

Some signs that your child is ready to begin contact lens wear are if they keep their room tidy, perform chores as instructed, and are personally motivated to begin contact lens wear.

Are there benefits for children who wear contact lenses over eyeglasses or is it preference only?

Contact lenses are a great option for children who enjoy playing sports or whose glasses often, get dirty, fogged by masks, or easily damaged.

The benefits of contact lenses are excellent comfort and adaptation increased self-confidence in social settings and all-day optimal vision