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Visual Development in Children

It's understandable why a child entering school would want to have another eye exam but why should they get one every year?

Visual health and development is a major milestone in how your child will start to learn and solidify concepts that will help them explore new things in their future.

It is very important that a child entering school has a comprehensive eye examination with a licensed optometrist to examine the spectacle prescription.

That the child may have how the eyes work together as one unit the front and back health of the eye and what to expect in the future in regards to any potential changes in vision.

The critical period of visual development spans from new born to around six years of age however vision does not stop there.

The period after this is a continued period of growth where if there are any visual problems caught, they can be treated to ensure good visual prognosis.

Kids continue to grow throughout their years in school and so do their eyes.

Human eyes continue to grow in length up until the early 20s which makes it imperative to ensure that yearly eye examinations are conducted to ensure that your child's eyesight is always taken care of.

With the changes in technology in today's world to shifting workspace from outdoors to computer screens, annual examination has become imperative as in some cases we are now seeing larger jumps in prescriptions in a shorter period of time.

With regular visits, your optometrist can ensure that if there are any problems, they are caught early enough to be handled effectively and ensure great lasting vision for children throughout the years.